When small things make a big difference.


Add volume to the right places


Dermal fillers are used to add lost volume, for wrinkle correction, lip augmentation, the correction of bags under the eyes, for shaping certain facial areas (for example, cheek, chin, jaw,...). 

Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, which is a natural ingredient in our body, so its administration is safe, and such procedures can also be called "natural rejuvenation". Over the years, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our body is reduced because the acid is broken down by the hyaluronidase enzyme. With our own hyaluronic acid degrading, we lose volume, the elasticity of the skin, wrinkles appear, and the facial skin sags. Adding hyaluronic acid in the form of injecting fillers (dermal fillers), restores or adds volume. It is also important to know that if we do not like the result after injecting hyaluronic acid (filler), it can be dissolved by injecting the hyaluronidase enzyme. Fillers come in syringes of 1 ml.


Rejuvenation of the face with fillings is suitable for the correction of all areas of the face, most often:

  • cheeks
  • lips
  • nasolabial wrinkles
  • chin
  • jawline
  • bags under the eyes

About the procedure: It lasts 15-30 minutes, depending on the volume; filler is injected with a thin needle or cannula and a small bruise or swelling is possible after the procedure, injecting is almost painless, a local anaesthetic (ointment) is applied in certain areas before injecting

Results: Results are visible immediately, last 6-18 months and then gradually disappear

After the procedure: You can return to day-to-day tasks immediately after the procedure.

Why undergo the procedure in Estetika SMedicina:

  • Before each administration, the entire face is accurately analysed (Full face approach) and your situation compared with ideal proportions. Corrections are advised, tailored to your face and desires. 
  • Anatomical lines are drawn on the face prior to injecting; if necessary, the facial artery is found and marked with an ultrasound Doppler, which provides additional security for you to avoid vascular complications
  • We use the knowledge and techniques of injecting from the world's best experts in the field of aesthetic medicine; we only use the highest quality needles
  • We use the highest quality materials

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