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Botox for sweating

Botox to stop sweating

Botox for sweating

Botox (botulinum toxin) can also be used to prevent excessive sweating in the armpits, palms and soles Botox is effective in hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating in most patients. Botox temporarily blocks the nerve signal transmitters that affect the stimulation of the sweat glands. Sweating is regulated by a vegetative autonomic nervous system - one on which we consciously have no influence. Botox temporarily eliminates excessive sweating, which is why it is not a cure or a permanent elimination of hyperhidrosis. After a few months, the gradual return of sweating is expected and a re-administration of Botox can be performed. For most, it is sufficient to repeat the administration twice a year.

For whom Botox is recommended: It is suitable for anyone who wants to reduce sweating. It is recommended to shave on the day of the procedure.

About the procedure: It lasts 10-15 minutes, depending on the volume; Botox is injected with a thin needle, which is almost painless

Results: Can be seen after a few days Sweating is reduced in the area where the Botox was administered. The results gradually disappear over 3 to 9 months. In most cases, we recommend repeating the procedure twice a year.

After the procedure: You can return to day-to-day tasks immediately after the procedure, we advise an upright position for 4 hours after administration. It is not advisable to use cosmetic products in the administered area immediately after administration

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