When small things make a big difference.


Let your skin start to form new collagen


BIOREVITALISATION is a procedure where fibroblasts (cells of the subcutaneous connective tissue) are stimulated by injecting certain formulations and then new collagen and elastin are formed. Thus, the skin is renewed, and the tone and elasticity are corrected. The activity of fibroblasts decreases over time due to ageing or other reasons (eating habits, diet, smoking, intensive physical activity, long exposure to the sun). Therefore, the skin ages, loses tonus, elasticity, light and volume - and consequently wrinkles and scarring appear. Fibroblasts produce collagen using nutritional support: usually amino acids, which are essential for compensating for the decreased activity of fibroblasts. The higher the amount of amino acids in certain areas, the higher the number of vital cells and the more the appearance of the skin will improve. The process of biorevitalisation significantly reduces wrinkles on the face and improves the main signs of ageing and photoageing of the skin. Administering is also ideal before sun-tanning. Areas of therapy administration: face, neck, cleavage, arms, inner thighs, abdomen, knee area.

For whom biorevitalisation is recommended: It is suitable for everyone as an independent therapy or in combination with other procedures

About the procedure: It lasts about 30 minutes, depending on the extent of the therapy; the formulation is applied with numerous punctures into the skin using a thin needle, injecting is almost painless but, if necessary, a local anaesthetic (ointment) can be used. Repetitions are recommended, e.g. once per 3 months

Results: Gradually increase and last for 6 months

After the procedure: You can return to day-to-day tasks immediately after the procedure.

Why undergo biorevitalisation in Estetika SMedicina:

  • The formulation we use is unique and the results are supported by clinical studies
  • Administering can also be performed with an automatic 9-needle injector and vacuum suction, which has the following advantages: 1) the procedure takes less time than if the procedure is carried out manually, because with one administration, the formulation is simultaneously injected through 9 needles 2), distribution of the formulation is more even 3) the vacuum lifts the skin, so injecting is less painful, bruising after the procedure is rarer and the depth of the administration is more accurate

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