When small things make a big difference.

When small things make a big difference.


What drives a person to decide on a change?

The search for self-confidence, happiness, popularity, beauty, experimentation,...? Whatever moves us, it's a way forward. Sometimes not much is needed for happiness, and the same applies to beauty. Let our professionalism, kindness and our sense of aesthetics make your life more beautiful.

Dr. SILVIA SAMARIN, dr. med.

A doctor with a heart and a sense of aesthetics

  • A specialist in cardiology and vascular medicine
  • A specialist in internal medicine
  • A doctor of aesthetic medicinev
  • A doctor of Science

"I am Dr. Silvia Samarin, a doctor with a heart and a sense of aesthetics. Many people trust me with their hearts, because my primary speciality is cardiology, and you are probably wondering how I found myself in the field of aesthetic medicine. Let me begin with by explaining that non-invasive facial procedures with dermal fillers and botulinum toxin are quite new professional competencies, which are not covered by regular programmes of medical specialities, and knowledge in this field is acquired through additional professional training. As a doctor, eager to learn new skills, I often attended professional congresses of other professions, learned about new developments and gained interdisciplinary knowledge, which I then implemented in my regular work. In 2012, I visited the American Academy of Dermatlogy Congress in San Diego, USA, where the field of aesthetic medicine inspired me with its flourishing and progress to the point that I have been following it in parallel with cardiology and studying from the field of non-invasive aesthetic procedures and anti-aging medicine. A considerable amount of education and training in the field of aesthetic medicine abroad and in Slovenia followed. Let me mention that aesthetics and cardiology have points of intersection as well – for example, the mechanism of facial wrinkles and atherosclerosis is similar since both involve changes in collagen and oxidative stress; in both, we want to slow down ageing and maintain health and vitality for a long old age. During my long years of service at the UMC in Ljubljana, I assisted in cardiovascular surgery and invasive cardiac surgery, which represents a good basis for manual injecting skills and a true sense of tissue. I am also familiar with the anatomy of vessels, which is important for patient safety when injecting dermal fillers and achieving expected results with the procedure. I can take pride in many prestigious studies in aesthetic medicine abroad. You are cordially invited to my private clinic, which I have successfully managed since 2007."

Dr. Silvia Samarin graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Zagreb in 1996. Between 1997 and 1999 she worked in the Internal Department of the GH Novo mesto and GH Brežice. Between 1999 and 2007 she was employed at the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana, at the Clinical Department of Cardiovascular Surgery and the Clinical Department of Cardiology, where she completed her specialisation in the field of Internal Medicine and later in Cardiology and Vascular Medicine. In 2005, she completed her PhD with her doctoral thesis "Variability of the electrocardiogram after heart transplantation". Since 2007 she has been manageing her own private clinic.

Dr. Silvia Samarin attended various education and training abroad: Uni-Klinik Mainz, Uni-Klinik Muenchen, Germany, Imperial College London, UK; Herzzentrum Universitätsklinik Dresden, Germany, Hammersmith Hospital London, UK; Salzburg Cornell Cardiology, Austria; Echocardiography Lab, AKH -Vienna University Hospital, Austria; Amsterdam Medical Centre, Netherlands RA Academy Masterclass by Dr. Raj Acquilla and many others.

She regularly attends domestic and foreign professional congresses and trainings. She is also the author of numerous professional articles. Additional education and training in the field of aesthetic medicine can be found on the following link LINK here.


LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/silviasamarin

Researchgate: www.researchgate.net/profile/Silvia_Samarin


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Dr. Silvia Samarin, dr.med.
Specialist in internal medicine, specialist in cardiology and vascular medicine, doctor of aesthetic medicine